Reviews My Nail Salon - Boston

Address: 261 W Newton St, Boston, MA 02116

Telephone: (617) 236-1440

Business type: Nail salon

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My Nail Salon offers a wide range of services including nail care, skincare, cuticle and callous removal. They also offer specialized services such as dip powder, waxing, and various types of massages including hand, foot, and back massages. They are known for their attention to detail and use of the latest techniques and products.

Customers have reported an unforgettable pampering experience at this nail salon. The staff is described as kind, professional, and meticulous. They are also praised for their excellent customer service, with many customers having a go-to person at the salon. The salon is also known for being accommodating, even for same-day appointments and services close to closing time.

Proper sanitation and cleanliness are top priorities at this nail salon. They are committed to ensuring that every client leaves the salon feeling rejuvenated and satisfied. They also focus on using the right products and treatments for each client's individual goals, keeping their nails healthy.

Customers have praised the staff at this nail salon for their kindness and professionalism. Specific staff members, such as Tina, Bella, Lily, and Cindy, have been mentioned for their excellent service, attention to detail, and ability to deliver great results. The staff is also commended for their willingness to accommodate clients' needs and requests.

Customers have described the pricing at this nail salon as reasonable. They offer a variety of services, with prices mentioned for specific services such as nail polish changes, hand & foot massages, back massages, pedicures, and manicures. One specific price mentioned is $40, although it is not specified for which service.

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